Welcome to Stocksystem: Storage systems

We are now active! And we want to tell you what StockSystem is and what you can find here.

Firstly, we’d like to tell you that we have professionals with years of experience in the storage systems and furniture distribution sector, offering you all kinds of solutions for your business

Our main objective is to find the product that best suits your needs, with the search for ergonomics and flexibility of facilities a priority.

We will advise you so that you just have to deal with the management of your business, thanks to our guarantee of deadlines, quality and service.

So, what can you find in StockSystem? These are our products.

Our storage systems and furniture

At StockSystem we sell various storage systems and all kinds of accessories necessary for any type of business. What do you need?

  • Super 123 shelving. Modular and flexible structure, without screws, of premium quality steel, high resistance and galvanized finish.
  • Unirack shelving. High performance system up to 8 meters high and used in elevated aisle systems.
  • Hospitality-sector shelving. Super 123 or Unirack light shelves, adaptable for use in the hospitality industry for the storage of food products and the like.
  • Tube shelving. Special system to hang hooks, hangers or any circular shapes, enabling great space-saving in your business.
  • Retail shelving and wall racks. Multiple options of commercial shelving, wall rack systems and exhibition furniture for your business that adapt to each type of product and to any business sector.
  • Grooved angle. The most traditional and economic way to store light loads.
  • Rolling rack. Take advantage of the total space of a room with this mobile shelving system.
  • Mezzanines, elevated walkways and stairs. Get the most out of your cubic meters. We prepare a detailed project proposal with no obligation.
  • Half load shelving (picking). Ideal for manual loads in continuous use.
  • Pallet and Cantilever Shelving. Shelving for large-scale warehouses that require pallets or store bulky products.
  • Lockers and metal cabinets. An essential element in any organisation, point of sale, industry, warehouse.
  • Office furniture and communities. We offer top brands and a wide variety of options and designs.
  • Screens and phenolic cabins. Removable partitions and partitions for offices, showrooms and any space that requires them. Phenolic booths are ideal for any type of public area, due to their hygienic and antibacterial properties.

Do you need our products and services outside Spain?

If you need our products outside Spain, we supply to all of Europe and install in most EU countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Holland, mainly.

Any questions?

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