Pallet and Cantilever Shelving

Solutions for industry and professional storage.


Pallet shelving

They are the most widely used storage systems for all types of heavy loads. In addition to the classic storage of products on different pallets (eg industrial pallets or europallets), these shelves can also store load-bearing elements (eg cages) or heavy tools.


Pallet shelving is used in different sectors, for example:

  • In the construction materials trade.
  • In transport companies.
  • In industry.
  • In logistics centres for shipping goods.
  • In storage systems for heavy products.

Cantilever shelving

They are high capacity shelves for the storage of horizontal, longitudinal or bulky loads.


Cantilever shelving can be used to store all kinds of heavy loads such as:

  • Wooden boards.
  • Veneers.
  • Profiles.
  • Steel bars or elements.
  • Old vehicles.

We supply throughout Europe

Do you need a storage system outside of Spain?

We supply all over Europe and, in some cases, we install in countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands mainly.

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