Retail shelving and wall racks

Give your products optimal exposure.


The commercial shelving system is developed with the most advanced manufacturing technologies, making it an excellent counter for your products.

Commercial shelving is a highly functional option for exhibiting products of all kinds. There is a wide range of solutions for supermarkets, hardware, workshops, DIY, sports, drugstores, bazaars, electronics, perfumeries, textiles, liquor stores, etc.

The wall racks are a double vertical grooving system for anchoring all types of hangers and supports. They are ideal for shops and any type of business, since a personalized, functional and flexible structure can be designed to display products or for storage.


  • Commercial shelving offers you a greater optimization of space, great resistance and security for your installation
  • System for attaching shelves to brackets safely.
  • Robust base-post anchor and spatial panel fixtures.
  • Base that prevents accidental disassembly.
  • Great resistance with quick and easy assembly.
  • Shelf reinforcements, a feature that offers great resistance and weight capacity.
  • Murals, gondolas, interior and exterior corners, headboards and a wide range of measures and solutions for your business.
  • Commercial shelving for multiple business applications. From a supermarket to a cash and carry, via a winery, hardware store, bazaar, sports outlet, etc …

We supply throughout Europe

Do you need a storage system outside of Spain?

We supply all over Europe and, in some cases, we install in countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands mainly.

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