Office furniture and communities


In StockSystem we give a service according to the needs of our customers.

Our office offer and community furniture includes a wide range of brands and options to make your workplace a reflection of your company’s identity as well as creating the right environments for the functions and needs of each organization.

We have many catalogues from the best furniture manufacturers, from basic furniture to high-end designer furniture, depending on the client’s requirements.

We supply throughout Europe

Do you need a storage system outside of Spain?

We supply all over Europe and, in some cases, we install in countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands mainly.

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Hospitality-sector shelving

Super 123 or Unirack light shelving, adaptable for use in the hospitality industry, for the storage of food products and the like.

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Tube shelving

Your best option for wall hanging.

Special system for hanging hooks, hangers or any circular shape. These tubes mean space saving for your business.

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Pallet and Cantilever Shelving

Solutions for industry and professional storage.

Shelving for large-scale warehouses that require pallets or store bulky products.

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Grooved angle

Adaptability within reach of any pocket

The most traditional and economic way to store light loads.

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