Mezzanines, elevated walkways and stairs

Take advantage of airspace.


The mezzanines are industrial equipment made up of bolted metal structures on which a light floor is arranged, usually a 38 mm structural chipboard, and whose main function is to provide an extra horizontal surface by taking advantage of the interior height of the premises, whether commercial, warehouses or industrial warehouses.

In rapidly-changing scenarios,  companies need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the markets they target, requiring solutions that are versatile, economic, adaptive, immediate, portable, etc. For surface problems, removable  or modular mezzanines are the ideal solution.

We carry out project proposals for elevated aisles that are assemblies of shelves of more than 5 m. high, with a staircase and walkway along the top.

We also carry out project proposals for the installation of stairs for existing mezzanines or construction sites, where the staircase to be installed is metallic.


  • Prefabricated components in the workshop, supplied in the form of an “assembly kit”.
  • They are recoverable and can be moved from one place to another without damage to or impairment of the actual property.
  • Self-supporting structures, completely independent of the building structure, that rest directly on the floor of the buildings.
  • Their lightness, with occasional exceptions, means they do not require foundations.

A wide variety of floors and accessories allows us to offer an extensive range of solutions to customer needs.

  • Lightweight floors: formed by panels of different materials that are bolted to the structure in such a way that they provide a suitable surface for any type of use, from offices or public exhibitions, to warehouse uses with high point loads from racks and pallet trucks or electric stackers. The most common materials are structural chipboard, sheet metal and electro-welded grid.
  • Heavy floors: formed by conventional slabs that involve the execution of concrete slabs on site. Suitable in cases of very high point loads, or according to fire resistance requirements of the floor. Their use means the installation will not be removable. The heavy weight of this type of mezzanine requires a foundation study

We supply throughout Europe

Do you need a storage system outside of Spain?

We supply all over Europe and, in some cases, we install in countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands mainly.

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