Grooved angle

Adaptability within reach of any pocket


The shelf with slotted angle screws is the most practical and economical storage line. Its most significant feature is its price.

Essentially cheap shelving. Adapts easily to available space thanks to possible different configurations. In addition, its design is ideal for varied environments, such as warehouses and storage rooms, but also offices or shops.

Warehouses, offices, archives, workshops and storage rooms are just some of the places where grooved angle shelves are used, a classic when it comes to metal shelving.


  • Specially designed for light loads.
  • Easy to configure and adapt to available space.
  • Modifiable aspects such as height, width, depth, levels and even load capacity.
  • Height adjustable shelves, facilitating storage of loads with different volumes.
  • Professional finish and industrial quality make this shelving a good storage alternative.

We supply throughout Europe

Do you need a storage system outside of Spain?

We supply all over Europe and, in some cases, we install in countries such as: Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands mainly.

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